January 18, 2008


I lean upon my folded fist
cool against my temple
elbow solid
on my cluttered desk

eyes drooped
and closed
aflame with spoiled sleep

face slacked
head cocked
tilted to the right
heavy with confusion

skull upon the finger bones
in weighted indecision

procrastination presses down

the whooshing hum
of cooling bytes
relentless in my ears

thoughts like digits
on a dollar slot
spin unsettled in my mind

they neither click
nor lock in place
they tumble
in a jumble

they roll and blur
just out of focus
lost in mental fog

sunken in my office chair
I remain

paralyzed by perplexity

by the chaos
awhirl in my mind

the freedom of decision
impossible to manage

nothing will be done
this day

no first step can be taken




  1. **the freedom of decision
    impossible to manage

    So well said, for a procrastinator nothing can help….and decisions…god forbid!!

  2. Excellent poem!

  3. paralyzed by perplexity

    This was a great line

  4. with positive thoughts, one can make it happen…

  5. Great words. I loved this poem

  6. this was wonderfully done… it made me realize how long it has been since i was held prisoner by such a fog of thought,,, and i rejoice in that…..

  7. might seem impossible, but the possibility makes it worthwhile. Lovely poem…

  8. Well I guess you are at a fork in the road now aren’t you? Nice piece I enjoyed it and have to say I could picture it very well too.

  9. lovely poem.. great words..

  10. Yuk…paralyzed by indecision. Been there. My friend used to say, “Well I’m going to go to work and do something; even if it’s wrong.” Love the name of your blog. I’ve been looking for a wine dark sea for many years, but have yet to find one. Rosy fingered dawns are much easier.

  11. Wonderful use of words and images!

  12. I can identify with the thoughts in these words. I love this poem! Incredible work – the rhythm and flow both smooth and moving!

  13. The thoughts tend to be an irritant to me (not a procrastinator so probably don’t have much of a concept), but the flow of words is beauty.

  14. This is so rich. I love the images you have created. I am amazed, because the words are so minimal, but the impact is so immense.

  15. Ah yes, an all too familar feeling. Great poem!

  16. I enjoyed this, you’ve captured procratination and its numbing effects

  17. Yes, yes, I understand! I feel this way in my office chair more often than I should. Well-crafted words.

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