January 26, 2008



like a voice
in a canyon

I hear her calling
in my mind

my name
sweet as nectar

from lips

as orchid petals

as a bursting peach

deep coral

as they wrapped
‘round each
pouted syllable

when she bid me
tender farewell
so long ago

our fingertips
had strained
to grasp

the final sensation
of warmth

of touch

had faded

and they had
drifted apart

I had struggled
to tear my eyes
from her

that glistened
on her lashes

and around
her swollen
crystal blues

to slip softly
over the crests
of her velvet

down the contour
of her face

flushed as sunset

to lightly salt
her quivering lips

as I passed

numb and dazed

through the tunnel
of the
loading gate

toward the jet
that took me
to hell

I had
at that moment

locked the image

of that sorrowed
face of love

deep in my heart

It had proved
my salvation

my only grasp
on sanity
in those
horrific years

my lips
had quivered
on that day

with the sting
of separation

and the chilling
I would
soon taste
the bitter blood
of war

foul with the
stench of death

having not yet

I had already
to gaze again

into her
brilliant blue eyes

and taste
her sweetness


as I return
this day

trying to face
reality from
30,000 feet

I taste the salt
of sadness

for I fear

a kiss
from me

with my killer’s

will forever defile
the fragile innocence
of those
luscious lips

as orchid petals
as a bursting peach

that glistened
and quivered

when last we parted




  1. That is such a powerful yet gentle piece.

    Your words ‘a kiss from me…with my killers mouth’ are inspired.

  2. I loved the first three lines: distant/slurred/reverberant

  3. The reality of this is couched in visuals that rock the soul.

  4. holy christ,,, that was awe inspiring… what a moving piece….

  5. Very good visuals..

    fouled up, have you?

  6. WOW… your format definitely added to the sound and sight of each line .. with my killer’s mouth .. i wonder if this conveys the emotions others have gone thru upon their return..

  7. oh i liked this much…felt very real. thank you

  8. Taking your first human life changes you forever.

  9. Gave me goose bumps.

    Well done.

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  10. This is truly awesome and so sad. Especially after reading your comment and fully comprehending your meaning. Very powerful words and images. My heart goes out to you.

  11. I too like the first stanza. That reverberates!

    endless possibilities

  12. one word: brilliant.

    enough said.

  13. That’s very moving.

  14. An excellent treatment. Sensual. Moving.

  15. From the Odyssey ’til now; from the myths to reality. Nicely done.

  16. some words that were used, is like printed on my mind right now.. just making me think more and more..lovely piece.

  17. Wow, that was incredibly powerful and moving. Beautiful.

  18. Your emotions took form with your words aptly chosen creating rich imagery in the mind – your emotions are tangible in the mind’s senses! Great work! Please check out my series poem: Changes

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

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