March 2, 2008


I hear
chill winds of time

rise in dissonance

seasons of cold rain
hiss and tick
the weathered panes

I feel
life’s essence slowly slip
my being’s grip

it’s warmth

the pall and ache
wrap firm my bones

suppress my spirit

slowly steal
my living core

I know despair
of rigid form

drained of vital sap

drawn and withered

of flex and grace

I watch
my light of memory

my pool of knowledge

I see beloved leave


beyond my call

to depart the joy
and chaos

of this temporal plane

what remains
is sorrowed pain


I hear you
call my name

summon me
to your embrace

to sooth and comfort
my discontent

to draw me
into your sphere of faith

that life is good

that we are blessed
just to have known
all this

and in that moment

I too believe




  1. i await your uplifting conclusion… this was very beautifully told….

  2. Each word so powerful and vital to your poem.
    I love the style!

  3. absolutely beautiful.

  4. we certainly are ‘blessed just to have known all this”

  5. I like your writing style.

    get going

  6. Nice style and inspiring words.

  7. from one end of the spectrum to the other… beautifully spoken and full of hope… amen

  8. From a sense of rotting in nightmare to the candle flicker of hope. A lovely ascension!

  9. I enjoyed the shift in mood and tone of this piece. Most definitely a change.

  10. Profound. This was uplifting.

  11. very intense… filled with hope

  12. What a lovely piece

  13. what a beautiful faith inspiring poem….

  14. beautiful

  15. It’s a prayer of sorts. We are blessed indeed just to find ourselves in this life. I really enjoyed it.

  16. Good to have found you amidst a sea awash with words. Sublime. We will be back to read again, and more.

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