October 20, 2008

stopping is no option

to lose the way
is to keep

keep moving
lest one

grows rigid
the rigor mortis
of apathy

with unbending

gawking inward
at hopelessness
at failure

giving in
the giving up

the rot
that sets in
the loss of wonder

when grip lets go
of dreams

of possibility

arthritic loss of faith
the soul

the manifest light
that shines forth
at the leap
into darkness

into uncertainty

into the sacred unknown

is the cautious man
withered in
a worried cage

of the wrong step
the journey all in

of daring the way

and thus
bleeds out
the color of life
of living

to become cold

a putrefied husk
brittled remorse

mired in
for never having
shone so brightly
as to blind
the eyes of death

stopping is no option



  1. I like the way that ‘stopping is no option’ sandwiches the message. I found ‘the dream’ a bit scary.

    Well written!

  2. Dear Rob,

    Thank you for sharing your poetry with me. While both touched me deeply, I resonated with your poem, stopping is no option.

    I especially loved “frozen is the cautious man, mired in a worried cage.” Whew…

  3. This makes so much sense! Beautiful lines in here! I expecially like
    is the cautious man
    withered in
    a worried cage.”

  4. A strong message to those who lack determination, question motives, or rue their unfulfilled ambitions.

  5. A deep and insightful poem. And the message is strong.

  6. One of the reasons I love ekphrastic poetry is the very different lenses through which the same image can be seen. I didn’t write to this one, but I remember my impression of this image being very different from what you’ve laid out here.

    I see that others have pulled out the same lines I will, but these are the lines I most enjoyed (beautiful sound and rhythm):

    is the cautious man
    withered in
    a worried cage”

  7. An appropriately breathless style takes the reader along without a pause from start to the outstanding final line. Nice work!

  8. Great lines. This is one of my favorites:
    the rot
    that sets in
    the loss of wonder

  9. To be “terrified of the wrong step” is indeed to be “frozen.” Nicely done.

  10. Keep dreaming, hold on to the wonder that is the world, and keep juggling the words that fall so beautiful to eye, era and mouth from your pen.

  11. As Rhian is too busy nowadays and we all miss Monday Poetry Train, I thought to run it until she is back!
    Do feel free to hop in next Monday. I leave the blog URL here:

    Monday Poetry Train Revisited

    While you are visiting it, don’t forget to leave your blog links for the blogroll!

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