November 4, 2008

I sit

watch the flow
of people

the shuffle of feet
with their different sounds
according to their shoes

I see shapes of faces

unsmiling lips

their void curve
denounce this night

yet unseen

the gossamer curtain’s
that defines
their soul’s duality

the divergent reality
through which
truth stumbles blind

to move in the world
rough as a rope
taut as every promise made

frayed as wisdom
leaned in
whispered from behind

block the fist
ease the ego
broker détente

bandage wounds
tend the bruises
the insults

grab at time
like dropped money

I might learn
a thing or two

but someone
must release the light

so I can shine
like a little boy
who likes ice cream
most of all

this boy
reads old men’s minds

he does not eat meat

I will not eat meat

so I notice the shoes

the belts
the bags

all made of leather

I feel a shiver

a sad imbalance

a confliction
in my soul


I’ll practice non-attachment
because I can

but pieces of me
to whoever gets too close

you may have seen me

silhouetted against the sky
the coldest night in January

with the frozen moon

a duet
to make coyotes
cower in their dens

then moon and I

among cages of studs
& trusses
we run

from room to imaginary room

the whole world
close enough to touch

we eat a midnight lunch

white cheese sandwiches
perfumed with foreign lands

and onion thoughts
layered deep

show mercy
peel back the layers

peel me away

thin by thin
skin by skin
to my quivering soul

I hope I am not
hideous in your sight

these thoughts
become too heavy to hold

or chew
or swallow

or lug in a massive bag

my thoughts

bonewhite lies
of morality plays
open for you to peak

hope they are not
hideous in your sight

hope they do not
make you cry

as you peel back
all the layers


held fast and firm

like a carapace
to which
I’m stitched
and welded

and can no more leave
than you can truly enter

they tie me down

but sometimes
barely so

survivor that I am

the inescapable optimism
in my barebones grin


in the brittle moonlight

a patrolman
comes to where I sit
to see

his beam
blinds the stars
from my eyes

beneath his warm smile

his radar eyes
scan the forgotten creases
and clandestine getaways
in my mind

standing over
he looks down

one of us can learn
a thing or two tonight

if someone
will release the light


inspired by a readwritepoem prompt

• digital art above, entitled “drifting/dreaming”, created by the author



  1. Noticed we have done almost the same twist with Holly D’s contribution – to substitute the word “chips” (I put in “memories”). And we’ve ended with the same phrase too!

  2. I am very much taken by the lines:

    grab at time
    like dropped money


  3. Wow, you did a great job combining all the lines, yet making the poem your own. I like the artwork you chose to accompany your poem.

  4. annette – great minds…

    …its a vibrant end


  5. bb – very cool and provided by Nathan Moore


  6. christine – my gratitude…

    …art is a digital I created, titled “drifting/dreaming”


  7. I love the midnight lunch (of)

    white cheese sandwiches
    perfumed with foreign lands

    and onion thoughts
    layered deep

  8. philip – a ‘mind meal, to make the eyes water

    nice you visited


  9. This is really impressive — I think you really got at the heart of the prompt, creating that feeling of layers. Great work.

  10. This is fabulous. You have done an awesome job with so much of the material, and pared it down so nicely!

  11. blythe – I blush



  12. holly – awesome prompt

    with appreciation


  13. A great way of doing it. Very well written.

    ribbons of her thoughts

  14. Wow! I applaud your use of so much of what people wrote. This is truly a deft collaboration.

  15. gautami – my appreciation


  16. nathan – my gratitude

    your work is immersive and fine


  17. […] #22, by Wine Dark Sea […]

  18. Wow , WELL DONE !
    in fact i dropped by your page by chance , How lucky i am 🙂 … i was so excited to find such an artsy that i share the link with couple of friends 🙂
    do you have any account in FB ? cause i was wandering there … someone must have released the light and guided me here 😉

    by the way i like this part the most :
    but pieces of me
    to whoever gets too close

    wish i could write as well as you …
    i have a long way to go anyway .

    Best Regards x

  19. As i poet lines like these are much appreciated 🙂

  20. I love your work here 🙂
    Very well written poem.

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