June 21, 2010

here is the change

the mounting fear
the frustration
of uncertainty
the anger of forgetting
of losing
thing after thing
feeling it slip away
the no longer being able

and still
the longing to

and so
here is the change

here is the pain
the gripping terror
the withdrawing
the locking down
closing out
growing dim
turning inward
giving up
the sad surrender

and in the end
the shutting off

going void


this representative work of fiction was inspired by a Writer’s Island prompt

• digital art above, entitled “face of void”, created by the author




  1. This is an incredible piece of writing. It reminds me of something very personal, but also something I’ve been trying to write about for years. Thank you so much for posting it.


    • thank you elizabeth


  2. Well done. Dementia, death…

    • yes richard


  3. A stunning piece! Nicely written!


    • gratitude weasel


  4. just went void for a moment. So powerful.

    • inevitable


  5. deep and frightening as only change can be. nice work!

    • life is change


  6. Wonderful poem. I just love your style. Word upon word as if your mind had been opened to us. Thanks for the great read.


    • you are welcome melanie


  7. That’s well done. I’ve had lesser manifestations, but recognize the frustration and fear.

    • we are frustration and fear


  8. My first visit perhaps and I am happy.. well written!

    • to joy ramesh


  9. really wonderful, powerful work this.. thank u..

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